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VEIC brings an unparalleled level of expertise and experience to our work with clients, consulting nationally and internationally to design programs that reduce energy use through energy efficiency and renewable energy. Here, you will find a variety of papers, studies, and testimonies authored by VEIC staff that exemplify our big thinking.

Vermont Solar Market Pathways Update

This report updates the Vermont Solar Market Pathways report issued in December 2016 Read more »

The State of Equity Measurement: A Review of Practices in the Clean Energy Industry

Working in partnership with Efficiency for Everyone and Urban Insititute, with funding from Energy Trust of Oregon, VEIC led the development of a report on equity measurement in the clean energy industry Read more »

Energy-Plus-Health Playbook

VEIC report authored by Laura Capps, Liz Curry, and Emily Levin. This report was made possible through the generous support of E4TheFuture. Read more »

Delaware Zero Net Energy Modular Home Phase 2 Final Report & Pilot Program Design

VEIC provides recommendations to the DESEU on moving into the pilot program implementation phase of their Zero Net Energy Modular Home program. Read more »

Market Analysis for Zero Energy Modular in Colorado

VEIC assessment of the viability of Zero Energy Modular homes in Colorado. Read more »

Zero Energy Modular Factory Initiative

How to create and build a Zero Energy Modular (ZEM) housing factory serving affordable housing Read more »

Volume 1: Market Analysis for Zero Energy Modular in New York State

VEIC assessed the viability of Zero Energy Modular homes as an affordable housing solution for low-moderate income residents and to support the achievement of clean energy and carbon reduction goals in New York state. Read more »

Embracing the lighting transition

VEIC's approach to the next generation of efficiency programs. Read more »

Energy Efficiency Program Plan for Frankfort Plant Board

In 2018 VEIC developed an energy efficiency program plan for the Frankfort Plant Board (FPB) in Frankfort, Kentucky. Read more »

Flipping the Energy Data Iceberg: Views into the Consumer Benefits and Energy System of the Future through Intelligent and Adaptive High Resolution Metering

Paper authored by VEIC, Ghinwa, and Sense Labs for the ACEEE Summer Study Conference in August 2018. Read more »

Vermont Home Energy Profile

VEIC developed a Vermont-specific home energy label called the Vermont Home Energy Profile for the REVEAL project by the U.S. Department of Energy. Read more »

Ramping Up Heat Pump Adoption in New York State: Targets and Programs to Accelerate Savings

Report prepared by VEIC for NRDC on policy recommendations to scale up heat pump adoption in New York State. Read more »

Electric School Bus Pilot Project Evaluation

Report prepared by VEIC for the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources on a pilot project to test electric school buses in school transportation operations. Read more »

The First Step to Solving the Duck Curve: Energy Efficiency

Report authored by VEIC Energy Data Analyst Michael Fink and presented at the Association of Energy Services Professionals 2018 national conference. Read more »

Driving the Heat Pump Market: Lessons Learned from the Northeast

Report developed by VEIC in partnership with NRDC to examine the policies and programs promoting heat pump deployment in the Northeast region (New England and New York), with a focus on ductless mini-splits. Read more »

Commercial PACE for Affordable Multifamily Housing

Report developed by VEIC in partnership with NRDC that seeks to understand whether there is an opportunity for C-PACE to fill a gap in financing energy efficiency in the affordable multifamily buildings sector. Read more »

Smart Thermostat Analytics Toolkit (STAT)

VEIC’s Smart Thermostat Analysis Toolkit (STAT) uses indoor temperature data to generate a building thermal envelope performance metric and savings estimate, as well as a total cost savings estimate based on utility bill weather modeling. Read more »

VEIC Strategic Plan 2017-2021

The Strategic Plan will guide VEIC leaders in moving the organization toward the fulfillment of our mission: To act with urgency to enhance the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of clean and efficient energy use for all people. Read more »

Vermont Solar Market Pathways – Becoming an advanced solar economy by 2025

A study led by Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) in partnership with the Vermont Department of Public Service and the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP). Read more »

Putting Your Money Where Your Meter Is

Study of pay for performance energy efficiency programs in the United States prepared for the Natural Resources Defense Council and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation Read more »

Fully Charged: How Utilities Can Help Realize Benefits of Electric Vehicles in the Northeast

Report prepared by VEIC Transportation Efficiency Consultants Ingrid Malmgren, David Roberts, and Justine Sears for Sierra Club. Read more »

The Case for an Economy-Wide Cap-and-Invest Initiative: Why the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Should Take the Lead

White Paper authored by Mary Sprayregen, VEIC Policy and Public Affairs Deputy Director. Read more »

Drive Electric Vermont Case Study

Case Study conducted by Idaho National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy on Drive Electric Vermont, a VEIC-administered statewide coalition dedicated to promoting the spread of electric transportation. Read more »

Electric School Buses: Feasibility in Vermont

Research report prepared by VEIC to assess the feasibility of electric school bus use in Vermont. Funding for this research provided by the Canaday Family Charitable Trust. Read more »

Using Energy Efficiency Finance Models to Electrify Fleets

On Thursday, April 21st VEIC hosted a webinar to explore how a total cost of ownership model can help fleets finance a transition to electric vehicles. Read more »

New York State Grid-Interactive Vehicle Study: Roadmap

Report prepared for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority by Stephanie Morse, Transportation Consultant and Ingrid Malmgren, Transportation Policy Manager Read more »

Green Energy Fund Review and Recommendations

Report prepared by VEIC for Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) to review and provide recommendations for the DNREC Green Energy Fund. Read more »

Transportation in Vermont Policy Options

VEIC White Paper authored by Ingrid Malmgren, Transportation Policy Manager, Frances Huessy, Policy and Public Affairs Writer, Karen Glitman, Policy and Public Affairs Director, and Bethany Whitaker, Senior Transportation Consultant Read more »

Understanding Carbon Pricing: A Quick Guide

VEIC White Paper by Ingrid Malmgren, Transportation Policy Manager about paying for the true cost of greenhouse gas emissions. Read more »

Expert Testimony Regarding Energy Efficiency and Conservation Activities in Nova Scotia

VEIC's expert testimony on behalf of the Ecology Action Centre (EAC) of Halifax regarding EfficiencyOne's application to conduct efficiency and conservation activities in the province of Nova Scotia. Read more »

Because We All Matter: A View on the Climate Change Papal Encyclical

White Paper by Frances Huessy, VEIC Policy and Public Affairs Writer Read more »

It's an Energy Issue, Too: Re-thinking How We Fund America's Transportation Infrastructure

VEIC White Paper authored by Ingrid Malmgren, Transportation Policy Manager, Frances Huessy, Policy and Public Affairs Writer, and Karen Glitman, Policy and Public Affairs Director. Read more »

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Location Prioritization Technical Report

This report was prepared by VEIC for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and financed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, with matching funds provided by Chittenden County’s 19 municipalities and the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Read more »

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Guidebook

This guide was prepared by VEIC for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and financed by the U.S. Department of Transportation, with matching funds provided by Chittenden County’s 19 municipalities and the Vermont Agency of Transportation. Read more »

Recommended Bylaw Updates for Electric Vehicle Charging

This report was prepared by VEIC for the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. Read more »

A Survey of Electric Vehicle Awareness & Preferences in Vermont

Research conducted by The MSR Group for Drive Electric Vermont and lead partner VEIC, with support from the John Merck Foundation. Read more »

Alaska Energy Authority Renewable Energy Grant Recommendation Program Process and Impact Evaluation Reports

VEIC in partnership with the Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP) was retained in mid-December 2011 by the Alaska Energy Authority (AEA) to conduct an independent program review of the Renewable Energy Grant Recommendation Program (REGRP). Read more »

Market Analysis for Zero Net Energy Manufactured Home Replacements in Delaware

A study conducted by VEIC for the Delaware Sustainable Energy Utility to assess the feasibility of bringing zero net energy manufactured home replacements to Delaware. Read more »

Guide for Benchmarking Residential Energy Efficiency Program Progress with Examples

Authored by VEIC under contract for the U.S. Department of Energy Read more »

New Hampshire Independent Study of Energy Policy Issues

Key findings and recommendations for the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NH PUC) at the direction of the New Hampshire Legislature. Read more »

In The Driver's Seat: How Utilities and Consumers Can Benefit from the Shift to Electric Vehicles

The environmental benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) are widely recognized. EVs are seen as a crucial mechanism to reduce North America’s dependence on fossil fuels and increase energy security. Read more »

Least-Cost Transportation Planning

Opportunities for the Vermont Agency of Transportation Read more »

The New RFS Pathway: Revenue Opportunities for EVs & Utilities - Renewable Fuel Standard Webinar

VEIC, in partnership with the Union of Concerned Scientists, the International Council on Clean Transportation, and Sutherland, discuss the new Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) pathway for biogas generated electricity used in transportation. Read more »

Arizona Public Service: Incentives for Photovoltaic Distributed Generation

Report produced by VEIC for the Arizona Public Service Company with recommended reductions and modifications to their incentive structure for photovoltaic systems. Read more »

Transportation Technical Reference Manual

Guide to Characterize the Savings, Benefits, and Costs of Transportation Efficiency Measures Read more »

Electric Vehicles as Grid Resources in ISO-NE and Vermont

A shift from fossil fuels to the electric grid as the primary supplier of energy for transportation will pose new challenges for utility providers but also new opportunities that, if properly managed, could result in net benefits to the grid. Read more »

Community Energy Strategic Planning Guidebook

The Guide to Community Energy Strategic Planning introduces the Community Energy Strategic Plan (CESP) approach, and provides a step-by-step process for creating a robust strategic energy plan. Read more »

Driving Toward a Sustainable Transportation Future

With historic sources of transportation funding falling short and a need that’s greater than ever, necessity may be driving us toward a unique opportunity--the transportation efficiency utility. Read more »

Residential Transportation Energy Assessment

Read more »

Increasing energy efficiency in New Hampshire

Read more »

Climate Change in Your Pocket

Several energy efficiency design and regulatory experts recently concluded that advancing deep energy efficiency in homes to a level necessary to meet greenhouse gas targets will require increasing political support and funding. Read more »

What’s a Utility to Do?

The next generation of energy production and use will require a dramatic improvement in the energy industry’s capacity to provide ongoing, independent, and trusted support to customers. Read more »

VEIC and “Intelligent Efficiency”

VEIC’s Ethan Goldman recently took part in a webinar on the topic of Intelligent Efficiency. Read more »

VEIC report for New Jersey Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) advances understanding of high-performance homes

Read more »

Plugging electric vehicles into utility Integrated Resource Plans

Read more »

Drive Electric Vermont: Electrifying our Transportation Sector

Presentation to Renewable Energy Vermont Annual Conference. Read more »

Alternative Fuel Vehicle User Fee Options

This report explores transportation infrastructure user fee options for alternative fuel vehicles in Vermont, focusing primarily on electric vehicles, but with some discussion of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Read more »

Measure for Measure: Using the Energy Utility Model to Standardize Evaluation of Transportation Efficiency Measures

This report presents an example of how the Vermont State efficiency screening tool can be used to evaluate a transportation measure: a switch from a conventional vehicle to an electric vehicle. Read more »

Transportation Infrastructure Funding with an Electrified Fleet

A Discussion for the State of Vermont and Beyond. Presentation at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting. Read more »

An Assessment of Level 1 and Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Efficiency

Investigating Potential Applications of Efficiency Measures to Various Electric Vehicles and Their Supply Equipment. Read more »

Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Infrastructure Planning

Identifying criteria for optimal locations for electric vehicle public charging, options for funding, and charging equipment for Chittenden County, Vermont. Read more »

Vermont Agency of Transportation Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Plan

The study includes EV charging equipment capital and operating cost estimates as well as conceptual plans for several locations. Read more »

Smart Grid 101

This white paper presents an overview of the driving forces for smart grid improvements and some important implications they have for decision makers. Read more »

Playing with the Big Boys: Energy Efficiency as a Resource in the ISO New England Forward Capacity Market

This paper introduces and examines the Forward Capacity Market (FCM). Read more »

The Efficiency Vermont Technical Reference Manual (excerpts from)

As part of its duties running Efficiency Vermont, VEIC is responsible for compiling the Efficiency Vermont Technical Reference Manual (TRM). Read more »

Optimizing CDM Resources in Ontario

This testimony presents an evaluation of a proposed integrated power system plan to a province-level energy board, identifies fault lines, and suggests alternative approaches that employ cost-effective energy conservation measures. Read more »

What Does It Take to Turn Load Growth Negative? A View from the Leading Edge

Energy efficiency, once seen as a possible mechanism to reduce load growth, is now being recognized for its potential ability to turn load growth negative. Read more »

Those are Incentives, Not Rebates: Using DSM Funds to Leverage Investments in Low-Income Multifamily Housing

Improving energy efficiency in low-income multifamily housing has presented special challenges because landlords are reluctant to invest in efficiency. Read more »

Taking the Efficiency Utility Model to the Next Level

This paper examines how structural changes to the energy efficiency utility, Efficiency Vermont, can be leveraged to improve on the successes of the current model. Read more »

International Comparison of 11 OECD Countries

This study was prepared for the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change as a high-level comparison of 11 countries' residential energy efficiency programs. Read more »

Recommendations for Community-Based Energy Program Studies

This report presents recommendations regarding the potential role of community-based energy programs for the Energy Trust of Oregon. Read more »

Fast Capacity Reduction Through Geographically Targeted, Aggressive Efficiency Investment

This paper looks at the market analysis and segmentation, strategies, lessons learned, and early results of demand reduction through geographically targeted efficiency investment. Read more »

Keys to Optimizing Residential HVAC Efficiency Programs

A study covering aspects of the HVAC energy efficiency industry and programs. Read more »

Financing Chapter Boot Camp

An excerpt from Scaling Up Building Energy Retrofitting in U.S. Cities, the “Resource Guide” from the Living Cities Green Boot Camp prepared by the Institute for Sustainable Communities. Read more »

Energy Efficiency Financing Report

A study of programs that eliminate first cost barriers for the residential sector. Read more »

Understanding and Overcoming the Energy Mortgage Barrier

Energy Improvement Mortgages (EIMs) help consumers finance home energy improvements, but many market barriers exist that prevent consumers from accessing the benefits. Read more »

The Imperative: Wider and Deeper

PowerPoint presentation on how to reach a global goal of 80% reduction in CO2 by 2050. This was a keynote presentation at the ACEEE Market Transformation Symposium in 2008. Read more »

Tackling Efficiency Paradoxes: Responses to “Energy-Efficient” 10,000 sq ft Houses and 50-inch Televisions

Energy efficient products and homes can at times be in conflict with energy and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. Read more »

Savings Without Rebates: Moving Toward Claiming Savings from Market Transformation

As efficiency programs increasingly focus on market transformation, traditional evaluation methods make it more difficult to determine accurate savings. Read more »

VEIC and the Energy Efficiency Imperative

An overview of VEIC, its contributions to the nation's energy efficiency portfolio, and nine steps for policymakers to follow in achieving effective efficiency for everyone. Read more »

Building Relationships with General Contractors: Transforming Standard Practice

Effective strategies for educating General Contractors in understanding and promoting energy efficiency construction practices have remained relatively uncharted territory. Read more »

Interoperable Vehicle Communication Standards

Presentation to Renewable Energy Vermont (REV) Conference. Read more »

Policy Approaches that Encourage Development and Investment in V2G

Presentation with Blair Hamilton to the Council of State Governments (CSG) Energy and Environment Committee. Read more »

Preparing for the Arrival of Electric Vehicles

Elements of Developing an EV Infrastructure Plan. Read more »