VEIC works with valued partners to operate nine organizations across North America, including energy efficiency utilities, information resource centers, and mission-aligned subsidiaries.

Efficiency Vermont

Efficiency Vermont provides technical assistance, rebates, and other financial incentives to help Vermont households and businesses reduce their energy costs with energy-efficient equipment, lighting, and approaches to construction and major renovation. Efficiency Vermont partners extensively with contractors, suppliers, and retailers of efficient products and services throughout the state.

District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility

The District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) helps District households, businesses, and institutions save energy and money through energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. It is committed to community engagement, economic development, job creation, and environmental preservation.

Efficiency Smart

Efficiency Smart helps customers of participating municipal utilities lower their electric bills through energy efficiency, guiding them to savings with financial incentives and expert advice. Established by American Municipal Power, Efficiency Smart serves 49 municipal electric systems across Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.


Biomass Energy Resource Center

The Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) strives to achieve a healthier environment, strengthen local economies, and increase energy security across the United States through the development of sustainable biomass energy systems at the community level. Our particular focus is on the use of woody biomass and other pelletized biomass fuels.

Renewable Energy Resource Center

The Renewable Energy Resource Center (RERC) provides consumers with information on renewable energy systems. The website features information on how these systems work, local dealers, and current incentive programs.

Drive Electric Vermont

Drive Electric Vermont (DEV) is a statewide coalition of policy makers, industry leaders, and ordinary citizens dedicated to promoting the spread of electric transportation in the state. DEV’s efforts are focused on infrastructure, regulation, codes and standards; legislation, policy, finance, and incentives; technology and innovation; and education, marketing, and outreach.

Commons Energy Logo

Commons Energy

Commons Energy offers significant energy savings for buildings that serve a public purpose. These can include educational institutions, health care facilities, municipal and other community buildings, and multifamily affordable housing. Commons Energy preserves and fortifies these valuable public buildings and creates positive cash flow—from guaranteed energy savings—for building owners.

Sun Shares Logo

Sun Shares

Sun Shares brings the innovative concept of community solar to the employer/employee benefit sector. Its intent is to increase the ability of low- and moderate-income households to use solar photovoltaics, for whom solar has largely been out of reach, and to use solar power to reduce energy costs and the negative environmental impacts of fossil fuel use.

Sustainability Benefits Logo

Sustainability Benefits

Sustainability Benefits is an innovative new way for employers to advance corporate sustainability initiatives beyond the office walls while providing a valuable benefit to employees. Offered like a traditional benefit, similar to flexible spending and well-being offerings, our service engages employees and tracks their individual and collective progress towards sustainability.