Transportation Electrification

Transportation is the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions*, and electrification is a key part of the answer. While transportation electrification has clear environmental and health benefits, uncertainty around economics and the viability of shifting to electric vehicles can make it difficult for fleets and consumers to move forward.

Transit agencies, governments, school districts, utilities, and businesses come to us when they need smart strategies to drive electric vehicle adoption and get results. We provide comprehensive fleet assessment and implementation services for light, medium, and heavy-duty fleets including electric school buses and transit buses, delivery vehicles, and automotive fleets. Our approach considers every aspect of electrification—from the environmental and financial benefits, to procurement, operations, performance, and training. Knowing that successful fleet electrification depends on stakeholders, we prioritize customer engagement, support, and training.

As a vendor-neutral partner we will help you select the best equipment and systems for your market and operational needs. We can help you braid multiple funding streams to bring transportation electrification to scale while building resilient fueling systems that manage large electric loads and benefit both your bottom line and the grid.

* According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation account for about 29 percent of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Challenges we help you solve

  • Accelerating EV adoption by addressing market barriers like costs, charging infrastructure, and limited awareness through Technical Assistance
  • Building stakeholder and customer support for EV adoption, including utility engagement
  • Understanding the needs of electric school bus fleets and analyzing vehicles, routes, charging infrastructure, and managed charging options to ensure operational reliability, savings, and grid resiliency
  • Creating data collection protocols to monitor and evaluate electric vehicle fleet performance, identify and troubleshoot issues, and maximize benefits