Energy Efficiency

As we electrify, energy efficiency becomes more important than ever—enabling effective grid management and delivering critical environmental and economic benefits. As the grid and technologies evolve, optimizing efficiency and implementing equitable solutions has never been more complex or more urgent.

State Energy Offices, utilities, transit agencies, non-profits, and businesses come to us when old ways aren’t working. Like you, they’re committed to energy savings and reducing GHG emissions, and they want results, fast. Together, we develop new approaches and build on existing programs to meet goals and generate lasting results.

We pioneered the first energy efficiency utility model in the country and continue to innovate efficiency programs nationwide. Our deep understanding and experience with grid integration have helped states and cities meet aggressive and necessary climate goals.

We can help you design market and customer-friendly programs including midstream product purchase strategies and incentive structures which advance equity by overcoming obstacles facing low- and moderate-income customers. With expertise in market assessment, workforce development, and supply chain and customer engagement, we can ensure that the investments you make will drive market transformation and achieve long-lasting impacts.

Our approach combines policy expertise with technical and behavioral insights to overcome roadblocks and ensure your success. Our team of consultants and engineers will research and implement pilots, cultivate energy-saving behaviors, and onboard new technologies. As an experienced partner, we’re here to design energy solutions that are accessible, equitable, and create a clear path toward meeting your goals.

Challenges we help you solve

  • Understanding new opportunities for federal funding by analyzing the market, identifying gaps, and designing initiatives to complement existing programs
  • Optimizing your energy efficiency portfolio and identifying new programs to meet targets
  • Developing programs for low-income and underserved communities to make energy affordable for all
  • Advancing emerging technologies and innovative program models through research, demonstrations, and pilot programs