VEIC Author
Natasha Baranow
Nick Neverisky
Brian Picariello
Christine White
Alex Pine
Ben Staub
Myriam Tourneux

This report provides a market assessment of commercially available intelligent power management technologies (IPMTs) – which shut off circuits when current draw exceeds a maximum limit and may minimize or avoid cost and time associated with residential household electrification projects. This report is informed by a market scan of the IPMT landscape, combined with vendor interviews which validated and built upon the secondary research. This report is also informed by stakeholder engagement which included comprehensive interviews of key market actors including investor-owned utility (IOU) program managers and program implementers, direct install contractors, and staff at community-based organizations (CBOs).


There are four distinct IPMT Product Groups on the market: Smart Electrical Panels, Smart Control Units, Smart Breaker and Relays, and Circuit Splitters.


IOU program managers and implementers, direct install contractors, and staff at CBOs have varying levels of familiarity, awareness, and perceived benefits and barriers associated with IPMTs.

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