VEIC Author
Dylan Voorhees
Partners & Clients
Maryland Office of People’s Counsel

Since 2011 VEIC has provided expert review and comments on the EmPOWER Maryland residential efficiency and demand response programs for the Maryland Office of People’s Counsel. This report reflects our review of the proposed 2021-2023 EmPOWER Maryland plans and VEIC’s comments focus on the services and programs offered by the five major electric utility companies – the Potomac Edison Company, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Delmarva Power & Light Company, Potomac Electric Power Company, and the Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative, Inc. - one gas utility, Washington Gas Light Co., and the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The overarching recommendations in this report include adopting a comprehensive strategy to enhance equity and reduce energy burdens for Maryland residents; developing a new goal framework to position EmPOWER to evolve along with policies, markets, and technologies; focusing on market transformation strategies that deliver maximum long-term value for consumers; and establishing a comprehensive approach to connected, grid-integrated homes.

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