• Teddy Kisch, Energy Solutions
  • Alison Seel, VEIC
  • Rory Cox, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Dylan Sarkisian, Energy Solutions
  • Evan Kamei, Energy Solutions
  • Peter Florin, Energy Solutions

Presented at the 2022 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, this report provides an overview of the TECH Clean California project, a multi-year market transformation initiative focused on accelerating adoption of heat pump technology for space and water heating. VEIC is proud to be part of the TECH administration team.

TECH Clean California includes three simultaneous efforts:

  1. Motivating the supply chain through midstream incentives that make heat pump installations attractive, providing accessible workforce training, and stimulating consumer demand

  2. Demonstrating scalable solutions to key market barriers through pilot projects

  3. Using sales and meter data from TECH installations to create a public database that can inform an equitable, transformative long-term policy framework for building decarbonization

The reposrt shows how an initial strategic investment will put California on a path to achieving its aggressive decarbonization goals, reviews the lessons learned in the first year of implementation, and offers recommendations for states considering broad heat pump deployment.

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