VEIC Author
Craig Simmons
Angela Davis
Sandy LaFlamme

The project developed an energy modeling framework based on OpenStudio, EnergyPlus, and ancillary tools and was the first step toward creating a grocery refrigeration analysis tool.  VEIC performed sensitivity analysis and validation on the OpenStudio modeling framework to ensure it appropriately represented the target project population to serve CA and low-GWP refrigeration systems in support of utility programs.  This project supported the recommendations identified in the “SCE Report – June 2021 –  ET18SCE7080 Next-Generation, Low-GWP Refrigeration Systems: Tool Assessment and Market Impacts.” An analysis tool was created which included automation capabilities that could form the backbone of a refrigeration tool for CA. With further development, it may result in an easy-to-use tool for grocery stores of all sizes, including independent grocers that tend to serve disadvantaged and hard-to-reach communities.

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