VEIC Author
Kevin McGrath
Leslie Badger
Katey Beaton
Alyssa Annino
Anzel Nichols
Alison Donovan

This study analyzed data on the mobile and manufactured housing (MMH) sector to better understand technical and market barriers to electrification. Data analyzed include the distribution of MMH by geography/climate zone, ownership data, and site/building characteristics including age, equipment and appliance baselines, and fuel types. Additional information on existing programs, permitting processes, codes & standards, manufacturer landscape, and contractor network were assessed through a literature review and extensive stakeholder engagement to develop a more complete picture of the MMH market in California. Energy modeling was conducted to characterize typical existing MMH across California climate zones and develop an understanding of the potential impacts on energy use, utility bills, peak load, and greenhouse gas emissions associated with electrification retrofit measure packages and all-electric new construction built to various voluntary above-code manufactured housing standards. The project report includes recommended strategies for reaching MMH occupants with energy efficiency and electrification offerings, a list of technologies likely to benefit residents, a summary of opportunities and barriers for retrofit programs, and a retrofit versus whole-home replacement decision logic model for potential comprehensive electrification and energy efficiency programs to use in targeting program opportunities to this housing segment.

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