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Both the energy efficiency and health care sectors face systemic challenges to—and emerging opportunities to improve—their existing customer and patient interactions and business models. New collaborations nationwide are addressing these challenges and opportunities by braiding together energy efficiency and health resources. Energy-Plus-Health collaborations and integrated programs offer energy efficiency program administrators (PAs) the opportunity to:

  • Reach more customers and provide more extensive services
  • Increase participation in weatherization and residential retrofit programs
  • Improve the quality of life of low-income households and communities
  • Improve health outcomes and reduce health care utilization rates and costs
  • Unlock new health-related funding streams to leverage utility ratepayer dollars for increased and improved program outcomes.

    This Playbook is intended for use by PAs interested in developing or expanding healthy homes programming, referred to as Energy-Plus-Health programs. This Playbook was developed with the generous support and guidance of E4TheFuture.

    Full Length Playbook

    The complete Playbook containing all of the sections listed below.

    Executive Summary

     Table of Contents, author information, acknowledgments, and Executive Summary.

    Section 1

    Introduction and Playbook Organization: This section provides an overview of the Energy-Plus-Health Playbook, and quick links to help readers easily navigate to the sections that are most relevant to them.

    Section 2

    Making the Case for Energy-Plus-Health Programs: For readers who are considering starting an Energy-Plus-Health program and want to understand the benefits that Energy-Plus-Health programs can offer – and how best to make the case for healthy homes programming to utility decision-makers, regulators, ratepayers, and other stakeholders.

    Section 3

    Choosing the Energy-Plus-Health Program Model that is Right for You: For readers who plan to develop Energy-Plus-Health programs and need support finding the right program model and tips for getting started. This section reviews three program tiers and helps readers determine which is the best fit for their situation.

    Section 4

    Designing a Successful Energy-Plus-Health Program: For readers who are committed to developing a Tier 2 or 3 program and want in-depth program design guidance.

    Section 5

    Navigating Health Care Industry Partners as You Build Collaboration: For readers who want in-depth information on health care industry trends, key health care providers and funders, and the emerging delivery and payment models that are opening new opportunities for Energy-Plus-Health collaborations.

    Section 6

    Energy-Plus-Health Program Case Studies: For readers interested in learning from real-world experience implementing Energy-Plus-Health Programs, including information on program designs, key partners, and lessons learned. Provides detailed case studies from seven states.

    Section 7

    Energy-Plus-Health Program Resources and Sample Materials: For readers seeking further resources, templates, and training and marketing materials to support development of Energy-Plus-Health programs.

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