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Frankfort Plant Board (FPB)

The purpose of this project was to develop an energy efficiency program plan for the Frankfort Plant Board (FPB). While developing this plan, VEIC was encouraged to engage customers, community members, Board members, and FPB staff and incorporate their input into the final program plan.

The primary goals for the energy efficiency programs, as shared by FPB staff and stakeholders, are to:

  • Provide programs for all ratepayer classes;
  • Help customers reduce energy consumption and therefore lower their bills; and
  • Maximize the amount of overall savings per dollar spent by FPB on energy efficiency programs.

VEIC conducted interviews with 42 stakeholders that represent the interests of FPB and the residential, business, institutional and government, and industrial customer classes. Through these interviews, VEIC gathered input and ideas that were incorporated into energy efficiency program recommendations presented in this report.

Based on input from local stakeholders, combined with VEIC’s experience designing and delivering energy efficiency programs nationally, VEIC recommended an initial suite of energy efficiency programs for FPB to offer to its customers. These programs were selected because they provide options for each customer class, directly help customers reduce energy consumption, maximize the savings per dollar spent, and address community feedback to offer informative, engaging, accessible, and affordable programs for all.

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