VEIC Policy Experts Help New Hampshire Regulators Analyze and Optimize Energy Policies


In 2010, New Hampshire residents had access to more than $130 million in energy efficiency and sustainable energy programs, funded through a combination of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), ratepayers, and other public resources. In an effort to maximize the effectiveness of the programs, the New Hampshire legislature passed a bill that directed the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NH PUC) to contract for an independent study of existing policies and programs to uncover efficiencies and stimulate market transformation.


In 2011, the NH PUC hired VEIC through a competitive bid process to develop the New Hampshire Independent Study of Energy Policy Issues. Within a nine-month period, VEIC and its partner, Jeffrey H. Taylor Associates, Inc. designed and implemented an extensive stakeholder outreach initiative. The initiative opened up avenues for communication with key thought leaders and program administrators in the energy efficiency and sustainable energy industries.

VEIC conducted an independent review of all major energy efficiency and sustainable energy programs and initiatives in the state. According to Meredith Hatfield, the director of the New Hampshire Office of Energy & Planning, “VEIC dug in deep and conducted a thorough review of every aspect of our clean energy policies and program issues in New Hampshire.” At the conclusion of the study, VEIC provided more than three hundred recommendations designed to improve current program offerings and stimulate energy efficiency practices and sustainable energy use in the state.


  • The recommendations set forth by VEIC have served as a foundation for future policy making in New Hampshire.
  • Legislators, regulators, and industry thought leaders have drawn on the recommendations to identify legislative and regulatory priorities for the state.
  • Streamlined programs have enabled consumers to reduce energy costs, while stimulating the local economy through new project development.

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