Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V)
2018 - present
NYSERDA, National Grid

The Challenge

Global manufacturer Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) makes products that contribute to a cleaner world, and desired to reduce the energy intensity of its manufacturing process.

The Solution

VEIC partnered with two H&V facilities in New York to audit, identify, and problem-solve for ways to reduce energy consumption. We then helped H&V integrate specific energy-saving techniques and improvements into its manufacturing processes to boost energy efficiency and make a measurable impact on energy consumption. Services: Energy Efficiency

The Impact

By utilizing VEIC programs such as Strategic Energy Management and Energy Treasure Hunts, participating H&V facilities have saved 15.5% in electricity savings and 13.3% in gas savings. Moving forward H&V intends to implement new energy-saving strategies and learnings to its other facilities outside New York to reduce its carbon footprint on a global scale.

Even companies manufacturing "clean" products can improve energy efficiency

Hollingsworth & Vose (H&V) is a global manufacturer of advanced filtration and energy storage materials that are used across medical, transportation, and industrial sectors. While making manufacturing products that contribute to a cleaner, less polluted world, H&V is also dedicated to reducing the amount of energy required to produce its products.

Given its highly technical products, H&V had to ensure that any energy-saving activities undertaken did not adversely impact the high performance and quality of its products. Recognizing VEIC’s expertise in identifying and implementing specific, effective energy-management programs, H&V contracted us to help the company reduce its overall carbon footprint and create a cleaner, healthier manufacturing chain.

Partnering with VEIC to identify effective energy solutions

As a nonprofit focused on finding energy solutions for a cleaner, brighter future, VEIC helps companies like H&V reduce greenhouse gas emissions through direct customized programs and strategic partnerships. We’re experts in connecting the dots between corporations, utilities, and government energy programs focused on helping companies make positive changes that reduce energy consumption.

To tackle H&V’s request for assistance with an energy strategy, VEIC implemented two specific programs —a Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program, funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and an Energy Treasure Hunt Pilot, funded by National Grid.

The H&V Energy Treasure Hunt uncovered significant excess energy use in their manufacturing process. Once employees realized the impact their actions had on electricity and natural gas use, they were empowered to identify times when, for example, they could reduce steam pressure settings while still achieving manufacturing standards. In the process, they cut natural gas consumption and contributed to the overall savings of 15.5% in electricity savings and 13.3% in gas savings recognized over the course of VEIC’s work.

There are many offerings available to businesses for the purpose of improving overall operations. This in turn can serve your company’s sustainability platform through the demonstration of successful energy reduction. ”

John Marko
Maintenance & Engineering Manager, H&V

Energy treasure hunts: changing employee behavior to meet clean energy goals

It’s easy to overlook the seemingly small effect individual human behavior can have on big, aggressive energy-saving goals. But by participating in VEIC’s Energy Treasure Hunt program, H&V employees saw how their daily actions impacted the company’s overall energy consumption— and how making certain changes could have real and immediate benefits.

VEIC’s Energy Treasure Hunt program identified the following energy-saving actions:

  • Reducing “clearwater” filter cleaning frequency
  • Reducing steam pressure for drying
  • Repairing/replacing steam traps
  • Repairing/replacing thermocompressors bypassing live steam
  • Replacing failed lamps with LEDs
  • “Hardwire” shutting down all equipment/pumps when line is idle
  • Shutting down compressed air and water when line is idle

A VEIC Energy Treasure Hunt is designed to take place over a relatively short time frame and to really focus on behavioral changes. By involving staff in the Energy Treasure Hunts, we could analyze individual behaviors and solicit input from the people who know H&V’s process inside out. And best of all, many of the energy-savings measures implemented were free or low-cost.

Teaming up for energy efficiency performance data analysis and strategy energy management

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) programs are robust, highly customized programs that power change through training, modeling, and data monitoring. By working with a statewide organization focused on improving energy efficiency like NYSERDA, implemented by VEIC, H&V was able to galvanize change, save energy, and boost H&V’s bottom line.

Specific strategic actions undertaken as a result of the SEM program included:

  • National Grid natural gas demand response program
  • Restarting three hydroelectric generators following repairs (one at Easton, one at Greenwich, one at Pulp Mill)
  • Replacing vacuum pump to improve pump efficiency, reduce sheet moisture, and drop steam consumption

Creating a business energy efficiency program for real energy and cost savings

When companies like H&V reduce energy consumption during the manufacturing process, they’re shrinking their carbon footprint while cutting operational costs. Many state and utility energy programs are offered at no cost to businesses. H&V executives were pleased to discover how much free or low-cost interventions — such as changing employee behavior — impacted energy efficiency. As one H&V executive noted, energy-focused programs like these help companies “reap the benefits of improvements that pass straight to the bottom line, and also engage and empower employees to help identify sustainable changes.”

VEIC has helped businesses across New York reduce their energy consumption. As a NYSERDA FlexTech Consultant, VEIC can help you identify low and no-cost improvements to reduce your bottom line.

Contact us to see how we can help you make the most of your energy use: [email protected]

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