Transportation Efficiency

Next to electric power, transportation is the second largest source of energy use in the United States. That’s why VEIC has focused an extensive part of our work on improving the way transportation is viewed, used, regulated, legislated, and funded.

As an organization, VEIC has one foot planted firmly in transportation planning and research, and the other in electric energy efficiency. This mix makes us uniquely qualified to unite the common interests of electric utilities, transportation agencies, elected officials, and communities that all want to increase the use of electric vehicles but may not share similar priorities, policy approaches, or institutional frameworks.

VEIC has dedicated an entire department—staffed with former Department of Transportation officials, transportation planners, researchers, and energy efficiency utility veterans—to advance transportation energy efficiency through:

Program Design & Implementation

We create customized and goal-oriented programs to lower vehicle miles traveled, reduce single-occupant vehicle travel, and increase the adoption of electric vehicles.

Consumer Engagement

To drive the success of these programs, we provide our customers with outreach efforts that increase consumer awareness, participation, and education.

Policy & Regulatory Support

Our experts provide insights on travel behavior, electric vehicles, and charging equipment to utilities, state and federal policy makers, and regulators that help them craft effective transportation efficiency policies.

We’ve also taken the lead on developing a transportation efficiency utility modeled after VEIC’s successful energy efficiency utility. This includes developing policy that addresses the availability of electric vehicles as grid resources and support of renewable energy generation.

Finance & Funding Approaches

Drawing from our experience with utility-scale energy efficiency programs, we help state governments, legislatures, and local/regional planners develop sustainable ways to finance transportation energy efficiency programs and infrastructure improvements, all while keeping least-cost planning principles and greenhouse gas reduction goals top-of-mind.

Evaluation, Measurement, & Verification

With more than 25 years of evaluation, measurement, and verification methods firmly in our toolkit, we’re able to provide sound analysis and deep understanding to emerging transportation efficiency measures.

Energy Planning

Because energy efficiency planning is most effective when all sources of energy use—electricity, heating, and transportation—are viewed as a whole system, our combined expertise helps customers consider ways to reduce energy use in all three areas at once.

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