Photo of Rebecca Foster
Rebecca Foster is the Director of Efficiency Vermont, a statewide energy efficiency utility operated by VEIC. Rebecca is also currently serving as VEIC’s Interim CEO. She oversees a team of program managers, engineers, marketers, customer engagement staff, and regulatory experts. This group of more than 100 is responsible for providing all Vermont utility customers with technical assistance, financial incentives, and customized solutions to increase energy efficiency and save money.

Rebecca is a true convener. She cultivates strong partnerships and makes sure every stakeholder is heard. Her background in clean energy program design and policy gives her the know-how to work with utilities, customers, and policy makers alike. Rebecca encourages creativity and gives her team room to explore new technologies and service offerings – keeping Efficiency Vermont at the forefront of clean energy innovation.

“I’ve always seen energy efficiency as a win-win and I’m grateful to be able to promote its value every day. Getting to see the results in the communities we serve is so rewarding. Knowing that our work made a difference with a new library, a restaurant renovation, or a multifamily building for low-income Vermonters, is what keeps me engaged and excited to do more.”