Finance & Funding Approaches

As our name implies, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation believes that the cost of energy should be viewed as an investment—a commitment of resources in order to gain a financial return, future advantage, or benefit—rather than an expense. Based on this strong belief, VEIC became the original innovator of energy efficiency finance.

VEIC treats finance and funding as an essential part of energy efficiency program design and implementation. And because we run several efficiency utility programs, we are able to provide our customers with proven financing tools that we ourselves have used to deliver measurable results. Some of these financial strategies include:

  • Prioritization and rationalization to enable the most effective uses of scarce financial resources
  • Technical assistance regarding loan loss reserves, interest rate buydowns and revolving loan funds—and the mechanics of setting up and administering these program elements
  • Education and outreach to prospective customers to help them assess the economics of energy investments 
  • Design and integration of financial offerings within larger program elements, emphasizing appropriate options

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