Photo of Kalee Whitehouse

Consulting, for Kalee, is about partnering with both clients and the community. Her work ties together deep expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency policy with stakeholder engagement and facilitation. She understands the need to build trust, understanding, and curiosity to achieve results.

Hurricane Irene’s devastation in Vermont motivated Kalee to advance a career supporting community resilience and reducing the impacts of climate change. Her previous work included managing 100% renewable energy planning projects with cities and counties across the nation at the Cadmus Group. Her work with VEIC has included partnerships with cities, states, and the Federal government to develop and implement clean and efficient energy programs.

“Consulting is a puzzle. It’s identifying the client’s needs and the community’s challenges and finding opportunities to create innovative solutions that address both. I love that my work is always changing and we’re always generating new ideas.”

When not working with clients, she might be found getting her hands dirty with her family in their growing vegetable garden, or tending to their new beehive.

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