Photo of David Roberts

As Managing Consultant at VEIC, David designs and implements solutions to decarbonize our transportation systems. From modeling and planning to consumer engagement, David has spent his career helping us rethink how we get around. He views transportation as a critical junction between greenhouse gas emissions, public health, and supporting local communities.

“Transportation is at the heart of our economic and social welfare. The costs of inefficient energy impact the individual driver, their community, and our society as a whole.”

David was drawn to VEIC’s focus on both research and implementation. He values the opportunity to both seed innovative ideas with his colleagues and do the work to bring those ideas to life. He’s motivated by solutions that can reduce costs and achieve environmental goals.

When not at work, he tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors, no matter the season. He, his wife, and their dog go on frequent road trips in their electric vehicle.