Photo of Brian Just

As the leader of VEIC’s Engineering teams, Brian sees his role as setting up his team for success. He works with each member of the team to ensure they have access to the opportunities and resources they need for their own growth while fostering innovation across the organization. He’s a strong believer in practicing our external goals internally and has led VEIC efforts around diversity, equity, and inclusion, and employee benefits.

“My focus is not to become an expert in everything my team is doing. Instead, I try to learn about their work and discover ways to support their professional path and VEIC’s work. I work to connect my team with the right people and resources, both internal and external, to support business development and create opportunities to increase impact.”

Brian identified early in his career a desire to focus on minimizing human impact on the earth. He was drawn to VEIC’s core values, including its commitment to a positive work culture and openness to pioneering ideas in decarbonization. He combines his technical mastery of energy efficiency with innovation and exploration around indoor air quality, thermal comfort, and GHG impacts to provide a broad scope of energy efficiency service delivery.

Brian is a strong believer in work-life balance, modeling positive actions with his employees. He’s always busy with a project outside of work, while supporting an active homestead and raising twin boys.

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