2021-2022 Impact Report

Leading the way, 35 years and counting

For over three and a half decades VEIC has pushed the envelope, making energy work harder – and smarter – for people and planet alike. From establishing ourselves as the nation’s first Energy Efficiency Utility to creating a definitive roadmap for the decarbonization of our energy system, we continue to lead the way, tapping the brightest minds in energy and implementing tomorrow’s decarbonization solutions today.

Making an impact within each dimension of energy.

Our services are designed to address all aspects of clean and sustainable energy. With the help of our deep expertise across the energy system, our clients can achieve their goals now and for years to come.

Energy Efficiency icon

Energy Efficiency

A cornerstone of decarbonization, our energy efficiency services are evolving to meet the moment.

Building Decarbonization icon

Building Decarbonization

From multifamily homes to large-scale manufacturing operations, we’re helping remove carbon from buildings across North America.

Transportation Electrification icon

Transportation Electrification

We can’t take on climate change without electrifying our buses and fleets. Our programs demonstrate the benefits of fuel switching.

Clean and Flexible Grid icon

Clean and Flexible Grid

Addressing increased demand and envisioning a pathway to a net zero future requires creative thinking and data-driven planning. We bring both to every client conversation.

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A message from our CEO, Rebecca Foster

Our commitment

Healthy Planet

Pioneering the rapid decarbonization that the world needs now.

Thriving People

Placing human experience at the center of every clean energy solution.

Living our Vision

Working together to create a better organization and a better world.

Healthy Planet

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Healthy Planet

Our work since 2000 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than
metric tons

A multifaceted approach to rapid decarbonization

VEIC excels in providing comprehensive solutions to complicated challenges. Our contributions to transportation electrification, building decarbonization, energy efficiency, and the transition to a clean, flexible grid, position us for continued positive impact – and a brighter future for all.

Our shared clean energy future demands we halt the negative effects of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This urgent need for action drives our organization forward, our every effort in balance with commitment to a greater purpose.

Leading the way means taking the Energy Efficiency Utility model further than ever before. Our track record for groundbreaking initiatives seen through to successful outcomes proves the value in leveraging EEUs to achieve critical decarbonization goals.

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Innovation built to be scaled

VEIC is a veritable laboratory of clean energy innovation. Our committed leadership and diverse, creative staff push beyond status quo assumptions, considering the possibilities that pave the way for successful new models.

We understand that meeting real-world decarbonization goals demands access to proven, actionable strategies. VEIC moves the clean energy needle by generating groundbreaking solutions that are as adoptable as they are adaptable.

As both an Energy Efficiency Utility and national consultant, VEIC is in the unique position to excel beyond mere strategy and policy. We establish proof of concept via legitimate implementation, piloting the innovation it takes to make clean energy a reality for all.

VEIC’s latest research shows us that 52% of transit decision makers are already electrifying their fleets – with 15% planning to start the process in the next few years. But these transit agencies require assistance in order to meet their goals. 74% of those already electrifying report that they need help scaling, while over half report that they need help planning for charging needs, developing an electrification plan, and training staff. This is why VEIC is supporting transit agencies across the country, maximizing the benefits of electrification. ”

Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur | Manager, Consulting
Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur

Thriving People

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Thriving People

Number of people offered our clean energy programs in 2021 and 2022
Percent of our energy efficiency implementation work that directly served socially vulnerable customers in 2021 and 2022
Percent of our consulting work that had an explicit focus on low to moderate income communities in 2021 and 2022

Putting people first

Making clean energy a reality is a complex challenge requiring deep expertise. And yet, success begs more than technical know-how. After all, it is people who necessitate the need for the solutions VEIC provides. Our commitment to understanding the human experience ensures the success of the causes we champion.

Consider heat pumps. Our efforts to transform the market in states like Vermont and California didn’t end with upstream engagement, rebates, and workforce capacity. Instead, VEIC developed strategies to help customers at every stage of the journey, from purchase consideration to post-install education. This continues to be key to moving people through the learning curve and on to measurable successes.

Just as the future of humankind relies on embracing clean, sustainable energy, the success of that transition requires a maintained focus on the human element. It is this resolve to prioritize understanding the needs of those we serve that makes VEIC's successes so unique – and relevant.

When we think of moving the market toward next-generation, clean energy technology, we often think about financially incentivizing purchase behavior. And that’s important. But it is also critical to understand the needs and challenges of our customers, positioning clean energy as a solution. VEIC has a fully integrated communications and insights group that uncovers customers’ needs and tracks how we are meeting them. Customers and clients tell us this is working: In 2021 and 2022, VEIC earned a Net Promoter Score – the standard of customer experience – more than double the average based on data from Qualtrics.”

Nick Neverisky | Manager of Customer Insights
Nick Neverisky

Providing a clean energy path to those who need it most.

VEIC was founded upon the belief that energy can be a vehicle for increasing equity and value in underserved communities. 35 years later, we continue to lean into this commitment. Each day is yet another opportunity to ensure that clean energy solutions reach those who need them most.

From developing the next generation of efficient, affordable housing, to reducing emissions in disadvantaged neighborhoods through the electrification of public transit, VEIC’s programming is equitable by design. We see to it that the strides made leave no one behind.

Because the clean energy future belongs to every one of us. VEIC’s efforts to help the world address critical greenhouse gas reduction in equitable fashion is more than service to an idealistic bottom line. It’s an urgent mission that the whole world depends on.

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We recognize the communities most impacted by climate change also lack the same access to clean energy and clean transportation solutions.  As VEIC develops and delivers programming and solutions, we strive to view things from the perspective of the communities we serve.  Our solutions are designed to increase access to clean energy solutions while removing barriers to increase participation - ultimately accelerating an equitable transition.”

Brian Kealoha | Chief Growth and Impact Officer
Brian Kealoha

Living our vision

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Living our vision

While it’s true that VEIC's commitment to our vision of healthy planet and thriving people is embodied by the work we deliver, it's a story that begins at home. Our success providing innovative and equitable clean energy solutions is rooted in the health of our company and our people.

Our core values state this clearly: we are our people. We know that our collective intellectual capital and passion drive our business. When we invest in our people and culture the benefits radiate outward to the communities we operate in and the work we deliver.

2021/2022 Impact by the numbers

Healthy planet. Thriving people. Thriving culture.

Driven by purpose
Days per year we maintain dedicated focus on our mission to generate the energy solutions the world needs now.
Flexible by design
Hours per week that still constitutes a full-time VEIC position. Work from home, work from an office – work the way that works for you.
Financially secure
Percent of VEIC employees that are paid a living wage. Because everyone should be able to afford basic needs and a satisfactory standard of living.
Transparent and future-focused
Certification awarded by International Living Future Institute, Just 2.0 recognizes sustainability benefits, wellness, DEI, community service – our efforts made to work toward better every day.
Dollar amount each VEIC employee receives yearly to put toward their own wellness or sustainability, minimizing our team’s footprint both at work and home.
Hours earmarked for volunteer work in the communities we live in and serve. Our commitment is supported by policies that allow staff dedicated time to give back.

Healthy planet. Thriving people. Thriving business.

Thoughtful growth
Percentage of submitted proposals resulting in a win for VEIC – aka strategic partnerships and critical projects furthering our efforts to help the world decarbonize.
Staff footprint
Number of states in which we have VEIC employees on the ground providing critical energy solutions.
Expansive capabilities
Number of new hires VEIC brought in full-time, our capacity for impact exponentially amplified with more talent, passion, and experience than ever before.
Thriving teams
Our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) – exceeding even Apple's. A majority of VEIC employees recommend working at our organization.

Healthy Planet. Thriving People. Thriving Organization.

Healthy, measured growth
Total revenue for 2021 and 2022 combined – steady 15% growth, year-over-year, representing a solid portfolio of progressive, positive work. We continue to diversify our portfolio of clean energy work through expansion into new states and sectors.
Vital financial resources
Combined net income for 2021 and 2022. As a non-profit organization, our net income is reinvested back into our business to fuel even more impact in the years to come.
Strategic partnerships and clients
Number of national consulting clients we worked alongside to produce innovative and equitable energy solutions.
You empower us.
Sincere gratitude to all of our clients, partners, and founders – including those mentioned below.
Department of Energy & Environment
Efficiency Smart
Retail Business Services
New York State Energy Research & Development
National Grid
Xcel Energy
US Department of Energy
State of Vermont
Energy Solutions
Hawaii Energy
Focus on Energy
Tech Clean California

Making energy work harder - and smarter - for people and planet alike.