Building Efficiency

Over the past 27 years one of our greatest contributions has been to systematically decrease the amount of energy needed to power and heat homes, businesses, and institutions. Our seasoned consultants and engineers help architects, builders, homeowners, property owners, and facility managers find cost-effective ways to minimize energy use and cost—while improving comfort—in existing and new construction.

We start with a comprehensive analysis of each structure or blueprint to understand its surrounding climate and location, the potential for expansion, how and when the building is used—and how all those factors influence energy consumption. Using a variety of software tools to measure, model, and analyze potential energy savings, we provide prioritized recommendations for improving efficiency along with the data to support and validate each measure. Our deliverables can include weatherization plans, heating system improvements, programs to shift occupant and maintenance habits, onsite generation of renewable energy, and much more. This level of detail helps home and business owners see the tangible benefits of investing in energy efficiency. It allows them to explore realistic financing options that consider day-to-day cash flow and future energy savings.

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