Thermal Solutions

For nearly three decades, VEIC has been helping clients design and implement programs to reduce the energy costs and carbon emissions associated with heating and cooling.

Our approach takes the whole building into account—from the building shell, to the heating system, to the source of energy. Starting with efficiency, we design and implement programs for regulators, utilities, and other entities. Our expertise ranges from partial shell improvements, to comprehensive projects, to net-zero new construction.

When it comes to heating, cooling and ventilation, our engineers provide first-in-class consultation to clients and building owners. We are technology-neutral and recommend the system that’s right for the client and their building.

Finally, we help clients identify sustainable sources of energy to heat their buildings, focusing on solar hot water, geothermal, and woody biomass. Through our Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC), VEIC has advanced community-scale biomass energy throughout North America. We offer technical assistance, design and implementation services, and advocacy to shape policy and build public awareness.

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