The utility of the future

There is a lot of buzz right now about the future of utilities. The conversations taking place are urgent and essential, and the questions they raise drive at the heart of a shifting and challenging new landscape for the industry. How will utilities evolve in a world where loads are declining, distributed generation is decreasing in price and increasing in volume, and capital costs for new infrastructure are escalating rapidly? »

Delivering programs with proven results

At VEIC we strive to ensure that the benefits of energy efficiency and renewable energy are enjoyed by all—from homeowners and businesses to communities and states. VEIC’s approach to program review, design, and implementation draws on decades of expertise in several integrated disciplines. »

Big thinking, big results

The expression of who we are and what we do is best told through story. Read from Scott Johnstone about the new way in which we are presenting ourselves to the world, and our rededication to energy as an investment in our future. »