Strategic Energy Management

Strategic Energy Management (SEM) can deliver substantial energy savings for businesses—even those that have already installed efficient equipment. The SEM approach ensures that energy efficiency and conservation become an integral part of a business, and that all employees are engaged in controlling energy costs. By leveraging hands-on experience, expertise across industries, and extensive knowledge of measurement and verification, energy coaches can help companies and utilities achieve meaningful results and documented savings.

VEIC has worked with multiple utilities and a wide range of companies in the commercial, industrial, hospitality, healthcare and wastewater industries to create, implement, and verify SEM programs that provide real results.

Our experience includes:

  • Engagement with utilities and large businesses for over 20 years
  • Design and delivery of SEM programs since 2014
  • Technical efficiency expertise across major industries
  • Full service consulting from design through verification
  • Deep knowledge of regulatory requirements

Our approach combines low-cost improvements and energy awareness techniques to continuously drive down energy costs and strengthen the bottom line. We offer program design services, assessment tools, energy usage modeling, business and vendor engagement and training, measurement and verification services, and regulatory support.

To learn about the work VEIC has done with Strategic Energy Management in the Wastewater Industry, watch this video.

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