Evaluation, Measurement & Verification

No matter how success is defined—whether it’s saving energy, creating jobs, or changing behavior—clearly stated and carefully vetted metrics are crucial to meeting program goals. VEIC’s Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V) Department is skilled at quantifying program success and proving accurate program value.

EM&V is involved in all aspects of our work, from evaluating program design to measuring program impacts and verifying savings-claims. As a team of data-driven experts, we rely on proven concepts and technologies to:

  • Develop new tools and systems to measure and continually improve program performance
  • Establish methods for calculating savings, including research and development of assumptions used in calculations
  • Maintain reference documents for program staff to use in developing new efficiency initiatives and validating existing ones
  • Monitor consistency of implementation with rigorous quality assurance
  • Review final program results to determine value and future improvement

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