Consumer Engagement

Consumer engagement programs that effectively manage public expectations, keep customers informed, and help change behaviors can dramatically increase the scale and cost-effectiveness of efficiency investments.

VEIC consumer engagement programs are grounded in a strong understanding of behavioral science and extensive experience in community outreach. Our strategies use multiple tactics to engage consumers, including:

  • Traditional forms of media such as print and broadcast advertising, direct mail, media relations, and outdoor displays
  • Event appearances and sponsorships through community forums, contests, fairs, and festivals
  • Interactive media such as video, social media, mobile and tablet apps, online games, content marketing, online rebates and surveys, and online conferencing
  • Strategic partnerships with organizations who serve similar target audiences

We constantly measure the effectiveness of our consumer engagement strategies through surveys, event tallies, application rates, and vote results. When the results consistently show that audiences are engaged, our clients can move forward knowing their efforts will have a lasting impact.

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