Emerging Technologies

At VEIC, we’ve always looked beyond existing technologies, programs, and methodologies to solutions that have yet been invented. Our team positions itself at the forefront of energy efficiency by applying an investigative and inventive mindset to every aspect of efficiency work—from new devices to saving energy to continuous improvement of programs.

The comprehensiveness of our approach and diversity of our expertise allows us to uncover opportunities for emerging solutions in many different areas. For example, when our building science engineers identify common failures in appliances or systems, we help design solutions, test market viability, and secure funding for commercialization. As a non-profit, solutions developed internally are shared in the public realm, helping to catalyze further innovation from those inside and outside VEIC. This same approach applies to program design and behavior change: we are constantly looking at market-based ways to develop and test new programming and consumer engagement methods. The result: fresh ideas, grounded in experiences that help our customers improve energy efficiency in ways that didn’t exist before they partnered with VEIC.

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