The utility world is changing. Fast. The era of keeping the lights on and relying on historic rates of load growth to drive revenues is over. Regulators and customers expect much more from today's utility. They want to see an innovative and responsive partner who will meet them where they are and help them manage their energy use.

At VEIC we understand the challenges this environment creates for regulated utilities. For over 25 years we have helped gas and electric utilities design, implement, and evaluate innovative programs that deliver real value for their customers and regulators. We have a proven track record in helping utilities:

  • Deliver energy efficiency services that help them and their customers—both business and residential—save money and energy
  • Design approaches that go far beyond simply providing incentives to transforming markets
  • Integrate energy efficiency into long-term forecasting as a significant resource that reduces costs for everyone
  • Empower their customers through data-driven engagement strategies that meet economic and environmental goals alike
  • Support deployment of renewable energy resources through an approach that is truly integrated, not siloed, at the utility and customer levels

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