Today's policy-makers and regulators are navigating a sometimes bewildering pace of change when it comes to energy policy and practice. Traditional concerns such as supply reliability and cost-effective economics continue to be priorities. At the same time, new and complex dimensions of policy related to environmental impacts, job creation, and social equity are increasingly coming to the fore.

VEIC understands both the challenges and opportunities created by this new complexity. They are reflected in our very mission—to reduce the economic and environmental costs of energy use. Informed by over 25 years of experience in both policy and practice, we have worked with governments and regulators to:

  • Design program and regulatory frameworks that account for the complexity of expectations and requirements
  • Advocate for public policy outcomes that lead to adoption of energy efficiency and renewable energy resources
  • Consider how to appropriately account for non-energy benefits such as health and safety in cost-effectiveness screening
  • Develop technical reference manuals to accurately define the characteristics of energy efficiency measures in a consistent manner
  • Incorporate verifiable green job creation and economic development impacts into formal program evaluations

With VEIC, policy makers and regulators will find a seasoned partner that understands how to navigate between the rigor of regulated utility operations and dynamic political realities to address a wide range of energy policy requirements.

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