Businesses can lead the way on clean energy and sustainability while also enjoying a significant return on investment. Smart energy planning and practices help you reduce operating costs, streamline production processes, boost staff productivity, improve workspaces and customer environments, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For over 30 years our energy experts have provided guidance and assistance to commercial enterprises in almost every sector, from large industrial plants to ski areas to small grocery stores, and at every level of the supply channel, from contractors through manufacturers. At VEIC we bring a wealth of knowledge while remaining a flexible and innovative partner. We work with businesses to:

  • Navigate and access funding and incentives to make investments affordable 
  • Meet energy-focused economic and environmental targets
  • Develop and maintain strategic energy management practices
  • Evaluate and implement clean energy solutions for buildings, fleets, and campuses
  • Create best-in-class employee engagement programs focused on sustainability
  • Measure and verify distributed energy resources investments
  • Improve market visibility of energy-efficient product lines

Learn more about how VEIC can help your business gain a competitive edge and thrive in today’s changing energy landscape.

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