Building Electrification

Electrifying buildings is a critical component of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but this change comes with challenges. These hurdles include making fuel switching affordable to customers and ensuring the changes benefit the grid rather than strain it.

We'll work with you to meet your energy and environmental goals using our comprehensive approach that has helped utilities, energy offices, and businesses move towards electrification. We design our programs to support a sustainable energy system while making adoption easy for end-use customers.

Electrifying buildings requires innovative technologies and creative solutions. We work with partners at every level of the supply chain to bring the most energy efficient equipment to the market. From helping to deploy high-performance electric heat pumps in multiple regions, including cold climates, to developing programs that bring net-zero homes to low-income communities, we're committed to finding solutions that work for every region and deliver value to customers and clients alike.

When you need an experienced partner who can help you overcome obstacles to deploy smart building electrification strategies, VEIC is ready. Here's how we can help.

Challenges we help you solve

  • Advancing building electrification efforts through clear policies and programs
  • Engaging with the supply chain to drive demand for new electrification technologies
  • Making clean and healthy electric homes accessible to low-income and underserved communities
  • Maximizing energy efficiency and electrification opportunities for new buildings