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Vermont Home Energy Profile

In 2014, VEIC received a DOE State Energy Program award for the REVEAL (Recognizing Efficiency Value through Energy Asset Labeling) project. The project’s goals were to:

  • Make energy efficiency visible in the northern New England real estate market by advancing building energy labeling, benchmarking, and disclosure in Vermont and New Hampshire through policy, implementation, and stakeholder engagement approaches.
  • Create a national model for building energy labeling, benchmarking, and disclosure, and disseminate the model to state energy offices, utility leadership and personnel, energy efficiency program administrators, real estate professionals, and others seeking to establish similar programs in other states.

The REVEAL project was active from 2015 to 2017. During this time, Efficiency Vermont, the statewide energy efficiency utility administered by VEIC, worked with participating home energy assessors to offer a Vermont-specific home energy label called the Vermont Home Energy Profile on a pilot basis. The Profile offered independent, unbiased assessment that summarized the energy efficiency of a home through three key metrics: estimated annual energy usage, estimated annual costs, and a national energy efficiency score. The Profile was used to understand a home’s energy performance and how it compares to other homes. It could also be used by home buyers and sellers to communicate home energy performance during real estate transactions.

Efficiency Vermont is working with Vermont stakeholders to incorporate lessons learned from the pilot into future labeling efforts. In addition, VEIC worked with project partners, including the National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO), to create a resource to support other jurisdictions interested in residential labeling: Home Energy Labeling: A Guide for State and Local Governments.

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Vermont Home Energy Profile


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