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Smart Thermostat Analytics Toolkit (STAT)

VEIC’s Smart Thermostat Analysis Toolkit (STAT) uses indoor temperature data to generate a building thermal envelope performance metric and savings estimate, as well as a total cost savings estimate based on utility bill weather modeling. This savings estimate is independent of HVAC equipment efficiency and weather effects. The analysis also produces a report with charts and tables to help expert users interpret the results. VEIC is committed to releasing STAT as open source software so that program implementers, evaluators, and researchers can both use and improve these tools and metrics. We believe that transparent, independently validated software such as this can help energy programs and service providers use data to deliver additional value to customers.

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Smart Thermostat Analytics Toolkit (STAT)


  • Nick Lange - VEIC
  • Ethan Goldman - VEIC


  • Evaluation, Measurement & Verification
  • Thermal Solutions
  • Emerging Technologies