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Recommended Bylaw Updates for Electric Vehicle Charging

Municipal development regulations should include language to clarify permitting requirements for new electric vehicle charging installations and support the ongoing development of this infrastructure.

Recommendations in this report cover the following areas:

A. Accessory Uses – treating EV charging as an accessory use is generally the simplest permit procedure for development of new installations.

B. Parking – spaces set aside for EV charging should be included in the calculation of parking requirements.

C. Signage – wayfinding and parking restriction signage should be treated similar to other small traffic control device permit procedures, such as signage on Americans with Disabilities (ADA) required spaces.

D. Fee collection – charging station owners should be free to set pricing for charging services as market conditions warrant without affecting the land use classification of the property.

E. Definitions – unified definitions of EV-related issues will help property owners and municipal staff apply the recommended language consistently.

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Recommended Bylaw Updates for Electric Vehicle Charging