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Climate Change in Your Pocket

Several energy efficiency design and regulatory experts recently concluded that advancing deep energy efficiency in homes to a level necessary to meet greenhouse gas targets will require increasing political support and funding. How can current service delivery models and practice inform grassroots support for deep—and then deeper—energy efficiency?

This paper updates the experience and learning of Vermont’s utility-scale energy efficiency implementer that has also begun to implement energy efficiency services in Ohio and in Washington, DC. Drawing on the implementer’s new regulatory structure and its customer-focused approach, the paper addresses critical issues in delivering a new generation of combined energy efficiency service that:

  • Moves participation to “critical mass” so that energy efficiency is broadly recognized by customers as a valued benefit
  • Uses the customer value proposition as the basis for marketing efficiency services
  • Builds partnerships with trade allies, key customers, communities, and customer groups recognizing the customer and economic benefits of energy efficiency
  • Delivers increasingly coordinated and lasting “sustainability” services to customers

Download this white paper:
Climate Change in Your Pocket


  • Frances Huessy - VEIC
  • Scudder Parker - VEIC


  • Climate Change
  • Program Review, Design & Implementation
  • Policy & Regulatory Support