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Alternative Fuel Vehicle User Fee Options

This report explores transportation infrastructure user fee options for alternative fuel vehicles in Vermont, focusing primarily on electric vehicles, but with some discussion of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. While CNG used for transportation is already covered by existing Vermont law (see Section 2) we considered it in tandem with electricity because other fee systems may be of interest to policy makers. The arrival of electric vehicles on Vermont roads presents policy makers with competing goals. On the one hand there are policy goals, such as those described in the 2011 Comprehensive Energy Plan, that support and encourage adoption of electric vehicles in Vermont while on the other hand the need to continue to fund the transportation system requires some assessment of fees for all users of the system. In addition the diversity of travel behavior of urban, suburban, and rural Vermonters was considered in light of concerns regarding equity of any option to assess user fees.

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Alternative Fuel Vehicle User Fee Options



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