LIPA Clean Energy Initiative


In 1986 the privately-held Long Island Lighting Company went bankrupt after failing to gain final approval for operation of its newly-built Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. In its wake, the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) was formed by the state and—in 1992—LIPA bought the unused plant.

To help reduce costs associated with the plant, and to promote renewable resources on Long Island, LIPA hired VEIC to work with Optimal Energy Inc. to develop a Clean Energy Initiative (CEI). The goal of the initiative was to achieve energy and capacity savings for LIPA and its customers while providing overall economic and environmental benefits.


For more than a decade, starting in 1998, VEIC worked collaboratively with Optimal Energy Inc. to design and implement the Long Island Power Authority’s CEI.

VEIC provided comprehensive planning and implementation support for the residential energy efficiency and onsite renewable energy elements of the CEI. VEIC also provided extensive assistance in the development of annual budgets and goals, the hiring and training of staff and contractors, and the development of a marketing plan. During this time, VEIC met with key trade allies and other industry partners and developed program savings and other tracking assumptions, cost-effectiveness screening, and evaluation plans.


  • Generated significant savings for LIPA customers during the first nine years
  • Fewer pollutants were produced following implementation of CEI
  • The CEI portfolio has yielded over $262 million in net societal benefits and a 1.87 benefit/cost ratio.