Standardizing Energy Assumptions in Illinois


When the Illinois Energy Association (IEA) sent out a request for proposals for a Technical Reference Manual (TRM) in 2011, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and various state utilities were  using different energy assumptions in developing their own energy efficiency programs.

Illinois needed an authoritative, state-wide document that met approval by all stakeholders, including the utilities, IEA, DCEO, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), and the Energy Efficiency Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG).


VEIC came to the table with a strong background in TRM development; and using previously developed TRMs, VEIC incorporated energy efficiency measures used by People’s Gas Light and Coke, North Shore Gas, and Nicor Gas. Over the development period, VEIC reviewed more than 200 electric and gas efficiency measures, and communicated with SAG and other stakeholders to gather data specific to each geographical location and service territory. The resulting TRM met the specific needs of Illinois’s energy infrastructure and garnered approval from all stakeholders.

Most TRMs are purely technical, but as Illinois’s TRM took shape and VEIC’s administrative role grew, we took on the task of delineating roles and responsibilities related to administration of the TRM. The result was a policy document that outlined Illinois’s administrative policies and practices.


  • The development of a statewide manual offers reliability, accuracy, transparency, standardization, and cost-effective solutions for stakeholders.
  • Illinois has avoided litigation through the use of the TRM, which has earned 100% consensus among stakeholders.