Efficiency Smart Enhances Energy Supply While Serving Community Needs


American Municipal Power (AMP) is a non-profit supplier of wholesale power to 129 municipal electric communities in Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia. To help meet its sustainability goals, AMP hired VEIC in 2010 to develop a suite of efficiency services that would position AMP as a leader in energy efficiency.

As the founding administrator of Efficiency Vermont, the nation’s first energy efficiency utility, VEIC was uniquely positioned to develop an efficiency utility that could serve the diverse needs of AMP member utilities.


VEIC partnered with AMP to deliver efficiency services to participating utilities through Efficiency Smart, which is based in Columbus, Ohio. Specifically, VEIC developed a business plan for a comprehensive set of energy efficiency services that would operate under AMP's Efficiency Smart brand. Together, AMP and VEIC designed a program that would address the unique challenges posed by multiple communities in non-contiguous states while continually evolving and expanding. VEIC developed the original budget for the program launch and executed a 3-year performance contract, initially calling for minimum savings of 70,000 megawatt-hours and also provided for guaranteed savings for the initial 47 participating communities.


  • VEIC expects to exceed its initial goal of 70,000 megawatt-hours by nearly 45% in 2013.
  • Businesses within participating AMP communities experienced increased productivity and profitability through Efficiency Smart programs.
  • AMP has renewed VEIC’s contract for 2014-2016 to continue as the service provider for Efficiency Smart.