Our Results

The impact of our work is best illustrated through stories. Read about our results across a range of projects, services, and markets.

LIPA Clean Energy Initiative

VEIC worked collaboratively with Optimal Energy Inc. to design and implement the Long Island Power Authority’s CEI

American Solar Energy Society – Policy Recommendations to the 111th Congress

VEIC leads Solar Energy Policy Strategy for ASES; Recommendations delivered to the 111th United States Congress

Reducing Cost Barriers to Improve Public Buildings

VEIC brings the best of the Energy Services Company (ESCO) model to underserved markets.

Vermontivate! A Game-Based Approach to Addressing Climate Change

In partnership with several organizations, VEIC engages consumers in living more sustainably through gamification.

Timely Analysis of Residential Solar Minimizes Market Disruptions

VEIC takes a successful start-up program to the next level through market and program analysis and recommendations.

Sustaining Investments in Energy Efficiency

VEIC helps communities transition from ARRA-funded programming to sustainable, long-term energy planning.

Improving the Delivery of Renewable Energy in Alaska

VEIC sets the stage for continued growth of renewables in Alaska by evaluating existing initiatives and developing systems for future analysis.

Empowering DC through sustainable energy management

A sustainable energy utility in the nation’s capital delivers energy savings, job growth, and a brighter future for District residents.

Meeting the climate change imperative through deep efficiency: A VEIC vision

In a 2007 talk to ACEEE, VEIC co-founder, Blair Hamilton shared his vision for achieving an 80% reduction in carbon dioxide by 2050—a plan that described the potential of energy efficiency.

VEIC Policy Experts Help New Hampshire Regulators Analyze and Optimize Energy Policies

Independent Study Promotes Self-Reliance and Economic Independence in New Hampshire

A Strategic, Systems-based Approach Leads to Lasting Results at Stratton Mountain

By using Continuous Energy Improvement (CEI), Efficiency Vermont helped resort management control variable energy costs and reduce its environmental impact.

Nation’s First Energy Efficiency Utility Serves as a Model for Achieving Significant Energy Savings

Efficiency Vermont offers holistic efficiency services across a variety of sectors for all Vermonters

VEIC Helps Vermont Meet Net-Zero Construction Goals

Research and development project yields high-performance homes that exceed industry standards.

Advanced Dryer Technology Earns 2013 ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award

From concept to implementation, VEIC spurs market transformation for clothes dryers.

Financing Solutions Enable Energy Efficiency Utilities to offer “full service” to Business customers

Through technical assistance, financing, and incentives, VEIC helps business owners pay for efficiency improvements and boost their monthly cash flow.

Efficiency Smart Enhances Energy Supply While Serving Community Needs

VEIC helped American Municipal Power meet diverse needs and provide guarantee savings through a community-tailored energy efficiency utility.

The Best “Outlet” for Energy Efficiency

What is the most energy efficient means to recharge an electrical vehicle? Until 2013, the answer to this question was an educated guess, at best.

What is a TRM?

The Technical Reference Manual saves time and money by providing accurate, transparent, and consistent technical information for energy efficiency utilities and program administrators.

Zero Energy Modular Homes Offer Comfort, Affordability to All

High-performance design results in greater comfort, reduced maintenance, superior indoor air quality and lower energy payments for low-income Vermonters.

Improving Processes and Transparency Fortifies New Jersey's Solar Market

Shifting from rebates to credit-based incentives, VEIC helps transforms solar market in New Jersey.