The Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) is assisting the Town of Hartford, VT with the development of short- and long-term strategies that will help them make crucial, cost-effective energy decisions in the years ahead. The VEIC team will work with stakeholders from the town to identify immediate opportunities for energy improvements in town facilities and oversee the implementation of these projects in the next few months. The team will also develop a plan to achieve renewable energy targets across electric, thermal, and transportation energy sectors. These targets will keep with the State of Vermont’s goal of meeting 90% of total energy needs with renewable sources by the year 2050.

“Over the years VEIC has contributed to the development and fine-tuning of the Vermont Comprehensive Energy Plan (CEP) by assessing the various pathways to achieve the renewable energy targets,” said Damon Lane, Lead Analyst for VEIC’s team. “We’re excited to work with the Town of Hartford to help them become the first town in Vermont to develop their own plan that directly connects to the State’s CEP – we commend their forward thinking and action on this.”

VEIC’s expertise and experience in energy planning, which integrates efficiency and the adoption of renewables will help the team engage with and bring value to the Hartford community. The energy plans will help the town reduce energy consumption and prioritize future energy efficiency and renewable energy investments. These efforts will allow the town to lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, stimulate the local economy, and become more self-sufficient.

Partners on this project include The Town of Hartford’s Planning Department, Select Board and Energy Committee, and Efficiency Vermont, Vermont’s statewide energy efficiency utility operated by VEIC.

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