Energy Efficiency is a key component of every utility across the country, but efficiency programs and departments have been in the power sector for so long that it may be easy to overlook their importance. However, the impact that energy efficiency can have for utilities today is in fact more critical than ever, serving as a key driver toward a myriad of top-level utility goals: decarbonization, grid reliability, customer affordability, the business bottom line, and more.

Seeking to ensure that energy efficiency, and importantly the new tools and opportunities that digital technologies and innovative thinking are uncovering in the efficiency realm, stays top of mind, VEIC has become one of the nation's most trusted voices on how, where, and why to ramp up energy efficiency efforts. To highlight the efforts underway across the country, this episode of the Energy Central Power Perspectives Podcast brings in VEIC's CEO, Rebecca Foster. Listen in as Rebecca shares with host Jason Price and producer Matt Chester the success stories taking place today and the lessons learned from which all power providers can benefit.

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