A VEIC report released last week shows that a shift to efficient electric heating and cooling equipment in New York state could significantly reduce harmful emissions. The report, developed for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), examines the potential for strategic electrification through heat pump technology. It shows that heat pump installations in New York buildings could achieve 31 trillion British thermal units (TBtus) of energy savings by 2025 – 17 percent of the state’s target to cut energy use by 185 TBtus.

In a recent blog post about the report, NRDC emphasizes the significance of this savings opportunity, calling it “too big to ignore.” Beyond meeting these efficiency targets, there are many benefits to reduced fossil fuel use resulting from widespread conversions to efficient heat pumps. These include lower greenhouse gas emissions, decreased energy expenses, particularly for residents with low-incomes, and improved air quality for communities.

With a comprehensive approach that includes ambitious targets for energy savings from heat pumps, coordinated programs across the state, and strong support for the market, it is possible to shift two thirds of New York state’s households to clean electric heating and cooling. Building on market development activities that are already underway, New York can make this transition a reality. Read the full report to learn how.

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