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VEIC Sees Economic Opportunity in New Renewable Fuel Standard Pathway

Oct 09, 2014

Karen Glitman, Director of Transportation Efficiency at VEIC, recently shared her expertise and insights in a guest post she wrote for National Geographic’s Great Energy Challenge Blog titled “The U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard: It’s Not Just for Ethanol Anymore”. Until recently the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) has focused largely on ethanol, but the Environmental Protection Agency issued a significant alteration to the standard in July 2014, qualifying electricity generated by biogas as a compliant fuel source. This new pathway represents an exciting development for the transportation efficiency sector, allowing biogas generated electricity to now be considered a renewable transportation fuel under the RFS when it is used to charge electric vehicles (EVs).

Karen explains that this change provides farmers and utilities with a new economic opportunity. “If farmers who produce biogas-fueled electricity then sell it to their local utilities…this new pathway suddenly becomes a possible new revenue stream for them, changing their economics, and the economics for utilities…the adoption of this new rule gives utilities an even greater incentive to support the deployment of EVs and EV charging stations to support this pathway.”

Learn more about VEIC’s work in transportation efficiency.

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