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VEIC Initiative Drives Transformation of Home Appliance Market

Sep 16, 2014

The Super Efficient Dryer Initiative (SEDI), launched by VEIC and other partners in 2009, has catalyzed many key developments in the efficient clothes dryer market. Just two years after the initiative launched it began to have a significant impact on the market. In 2013 a major milestone was reached when the SEDI partners celebrated the release of a high-efficiency dryer by Samsung, which won the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) first ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award for Advanced Dryers.

This year, VEIC is celebrating the next major advancement in clothes dryer technology with the recent announcement of the 2014 ENERGY STAR® Emerging Technology Award winner, the LG EcoHybrid Heat Pump Dryer. This appliance is cutting edge and super-efficient, saving up to 50% more energy than a standard electric clothes dryer. It is currently available in select regions throughout the U.S. and will enter the national market this fall. This exciting development exemplifies VEIC’s goal in the creation of SEDI: To inspire the development of energy efficient technologies in the U.S., and to promote the transformation of the clothes dryer retail market in North America.

Learn more about VEIC’s work with renewable energy technologies.

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