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VEIC Clients Named 2014 Business Leaders for Efficiency

Jul 09, 2014

Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships NEEP has recognized two VEIC customers for their achievements in energy use management. Vermont manufacturer Carris Reels and Marriot International's Hotels of Washington DC have been named 2014 Northeast Business Leaders for Efficiency.

Working, respectively, with the VEIC-led utilities Efficiency Vermont and the District of Columbia Sustainable Energy Utility, Carris Reels reduced its annual energy costs by more than $190,000, and Marriot International obtained savings of $600,000 through improvements to seven locations. These businesses invested in cost-effective efficiency investments across fuel uses and established ongoing energy performance management protocols for continuing savings.

These kinds of comprehensive, ongoing approaches are highly beneficial for our customers in strengthening their businesses’ bottom lines, said VEIC Executive Director Scott Johnstone. The lasting benefits of these approaches are a great source of satisfaction for all the folks at VEIC who design these effective programs and who have the privilege of maintaining partnerships with committed businesses like Carris Reels and Marriot International.

NEEP, a non-profit energy efficiency advocacy organization, grants these awards annually to highlight the energy-saving achievements of organizations throughout the Northeast U.S.

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