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A Guide to the Northeastern Wood Heating Fuel Market

May 27, 2014

The use of wood heating fuel in businesses, facilities, and residences is on the rise. As new biomass thermal projects pop up, so do a few major questions. In response to the growing level of interest, the Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) at VEIC recently completed A Buyer’s Guide to Sourcing Wood Heating Fuel in the Northeastern U.S.

The guide is a helpful resource that provides an overview of the woodchip heating fuel market, answering frequently asked questions and providing actionable insights for anyone engaged in the biomass industry.

Through the Biomass Energy Resource Center, VEIC provides technical consultation on individual projects, assistance with program design and implementation, and an extensive library of educational materials. This work has led to great advancements in community-scale biomass energy across North America.

 Learn more about the services and expertise of the Biomass Energy Resource Center at VEIC.

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