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Pushing the Limits: VEIC & the Next Generation of Efficient Consumer Products

Apr 30, 2014

Last month, when ENERGY STAR® awarded Partner of the Year status to the VEIC-administered Efficiency Vermont, it was in recognition of exemplary efficient-product programming. While the 2013 achievements that earned Efficiency Vermont this honor were notable – saving more than 29,000 households and businesses a combined $31,000 in annual energy costs – these outcomes reveal only a partial view of VEIC’s approach to consumer products. VEIC designs programs that not only increase the adoption of today’s energy-saving products but that also encourage the development of the next generation of efficient technologies.

Most recently, VEIC development efforts resulted in the manufacture of North America’s first energy efficient clothes dryer. Launched by VEIC in 2009, the Super Efficient Dryer Initiative (SEDI) set out to overcome long-standing limits to the efficiency of the clothes dryer -- one of the largest energy users in most U.S. households. With seed funding from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, a SEDI coalition of more than a dozen North American energy efficiency organizations engaged in extensive research, testing, analysis, and advocacy. By 2012, SEDI allied with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to support an ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award for Advanced Dryers. This past year, Samsung Electronics emerged as the winner, with a dryer using 25% less energy than conventional models.

With the realization of SEDI’s aim for a North American efficient dryer came a host of other positive developments, including the launch of numerous energy efficiency programs to motivate consumer purchases of advanced dryers.

Learn more about VEIC’s work in the field of Emerging Efficient Technologies.
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