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VEIC in Vermont: 13.1% of State Electric Supply Met via Efficiency

Apr 21, 2014

Energy efficiency is generating impressive results for Vermont’s energy system. Efficiency Vermont, a VEIC-administered statewide energy efficiency utility, reports that efficiency efforts from its 2000 inception through the end of 2013 have saved 933 gigawatt-hours of electricity. That’s equal to 13.1% of Vermont’s electric energy needs.

The impact of this achievement extends beyond Vermont’s borders. Across New England, $279 million in electric transmission and distribution projects will be deferred over the next decade. As a result, states and utilities will have a strengthened ability to limit energy cost increases and corresponding consumer rate hikes.

Efficiency stands as the lowest-cost approach to filling electric supply needs – at less than half the cost of generated electricity. In 2013 alone:

  • Efficiency Vermont customers were expected to save a combined $158 million over the lifetime of the electric and fossil fuel efficiency measures installed.
  • Vermont retailers amassed about $13.8 million in sales of energy-efficient appliances, lighting, and consumer electronics in partnership with Efficiency Vermont.
  • Local contractors in Efficiency Vermont’s network of Building Performance Institute-certified contractors completed efficient fossil fuel and electric upgrades with a value of $8.5 million.
  • Efficiency Vermont’s work resulted in avoided pollution equal to that of taking 135,672 gasoline-powered cars off the road for a year.

Learn more about VEIC’s 2013 energy savings results for Vermont in the Efficiency Vermont Savings Claim Summary 2013.

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