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VEIC Takes Leading Role at ACEEE National Symposium on Market Transformation

Apr 04, 2014

For the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE), spring is an annual opportunity to gather experts from the worlds of energy, policy, and behavioral science to drive collaboration, action, and results. The goal is to exchange ideas and cutting edge approaches for transforming the market on energy efficiency – and then put them into practice at energy efficiency programs throughout the United States. At this year’s National Symposium on Market Transformation, VEIC highlighted the transformative impact that trends in community engagement, transparency, and Big Data are already having on every facet of energy efficiency program delivery.

A presentation by Ethan Goldman, Energy Informatics Architect at VEIC, explored how Big Data, transparency, and a proliferation of connected devices are forcing drastic changes in the way that energy efficiency programs operate. The availability of live data streams, and the growing power of analytics tools, enables energy efficiency providers to reach new customers, and spur them to take action through hyper-targeted, customized messages. This brave new world also means that efficiency programs have an unprecedented opportunity to build long term relationships with their customers and deliver new value by revamping their approach to evaluating, measuring, and verifying energy savings.

Erin Carroll, VEIC Director of Consultative Services, focused her panel presentation on Residential Zero Net Energy: Moving from Homes to Community. Along with Director of Consulting Rebecca Foster, who served as moderator of the discussion, she emphasized the need to engage communities in applying a broader perspective to energy planning . This means going beyond constructing high efficiency buildings to consider the impact of how people use buildings and how they consume energy to move within and between their communities. Carroll and her team recently applied this approach to help leaders in Montpelier, Vermont engage stakeholders and community members in developing a community dashboard to further their action plan for becoming the first net-zero state capital in the United States by the year 2030.

According to Carroll, the topics highlighted by VEIC at the conference are likely to have significant impacts on planning and actions to reduce energy use at a community level. “Rapid technological advancement is enabling individuals and communities to take actions that can substantially influence their energy use,” she said. “Our goal at VEIC is to deliver the expertise and context to translate energy data access into thoughtful strategies and concrete actions that will have a positive and lasting impact for our clients, our partners, and society as a whole.”

Other speakers and moderators who represented VEIC at the 2014 ACEEE National Symposium on Market Transformation included Jim Merriam, Director of Operations, Emily Levin, Consulting Manager, Scudder Parker, Policy Director, Andy Vota, Director of Strategic Technology Services, and Principal Consultant Elizabeth Chant.

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